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Q & A

Why should I join Teaglo?

Teaglo provides a platform for teachers and non-teaching staff to develop/manage their professional brand online, connect with like-minded teachers and to share knowledge/resources with their network. It also gives teachers a place to find jobs and to be invited to apply for jobs by recruiting schools directly. So even if you were not actively looking to move, that dream job may just find you!

Is teaglo free to join ?

Yes, teaglo will always be free for teachers.

I'm concerned that my current school will see that I'm looking to move jobs

Don’t worry – when you join teaglo you are asked to connect with your current school. This means that when your school use the recruitment tools you won’t appear in the results. Also, you job status (actively looking, open-to-offers) will not be displayed on your public profile. But other recruiting schools will be able to see your current job status and can invite you to apply for their jobs if they like your profile – leaving you to decide whether you want to apply or not!

Is teaglo suitable for newly qualified teachers (NQT)?

Yes, we actively encourage NQT’s and trainee teachers to join teaglo. Apart from given you a platform to grow your network and to access knowledge/resources, you can search for new jobs plus follow schools that you may want to work for in the future.

I tend to avoid social media when it comes to work, why should I join teaglo?

Unlike, other social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, teaglo is a professional network dedicated to only education. This means it’s a closed platform for you, your colleagues and peers to use and ‘not’ random people, businesses or crucially your parents or pupils!

I'm not a teacher but work in a school - can I still create a profile?

Teaglo is aimed at anyone that works within a school including non-teaching roles (e.g. Groundsman, Administrators and even Governors).

Will I get lots of recruiters and suppliers approaching me?

No, unlike other sites, Teaglo is totally ‘Ad’ free and for the foreseeable future doesn’t allow recruiting agencies or suppliers on the platform.

Will you be selling my data to 3rd Party organisations?

No, we understand the importance of protecting your data and will ‘not’ be selling your data to 3rd parties or use your data in any other way, other that was agreed with you.