For schools it is a place where they can create an online presence dedicated to teacher recruitment, as well as a tool that gives them direct access to a local & global network of teachers inaccessible through any other means.

It also gives the school an ability to build its own profile, thought leadership, and therefore following.

And it’s free. That’s right. For the next 18 months you can post jobs, review opportunities, and invite ideal candidates to apply, for free.

Why Should my School or Group be on Teaglo?

  • Video Profile
    Branded Video-Profile
  • Share
    Ability to post content to followers
  • Profile
    Post unlimited job adverts
  • Search
    Search teachers & invite them to apply for your job
  • Drag 'n' Drop
    Drag’n’drop Candidate Management System
  • Group:School
    Group:School Relationship
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As Used By

  • Royal Hospital School, UK
    Royal Hospital School, UK
  • Mount Kelly, UK
    Mount Kelly, UK
  • King's College Schools - China
    King's College Schools - China
  • EtonHouse International School, Singapore
    EtonHouse International School, Singapore

Q & A

How do I set-up my School or Group account?

Firstly, you will need to sign-up and create your teaglo profile. Once created, search for your School/Group profile using the search tool and click the ‘claim’ button on the page. We will then verify your claim and notify you that you have been made the School/Group admin. This will give you additional options in the drop-down menu to manage your School account.

How much does it cost to advertise/post job vacancies?

For the foreseeable future, Schools can manage their profiles, post content and access all of the recruitment tools for free. We don’t even take any ‘fee’ if you successfully recruit a candidate through teaglo!

How does teaglo work if we are a Group?

Teaglo has been carefully designed to help Groups manage their Schools. Each of the schools will have their own profiles, which will be connected to the wider Group profile. This will mean that the the group admin will have full access to each of their schools at any point to manage profiles, members or even post jobs on behalf of the school.

Teaglo sounds great but other sites have more teachers!

Teaglo is the future…but like any new social network, it does take some time to grow.

So that’s why for the next 18 months you can post jobs, review opportunities, and invite ideal candidates to apply, for free.

Shouldn't we be concerned that our teachers are on teaglo?

No, teaglo isn’t just a job platform but rather an all round professional platform for both teachers and non-teaching staff to network, share knowledge/resources and to develop as individuals. This can only be good for the school plus you can actually utilise your forward-thinking teachers as your ambassadors and get them to share job ads to their connections.